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I love working with organizations to amplify their missions. I love designing books (for kids and adults alike). I love making impactful imagery that appeals to one's eye, mind, & heart. 

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As an independent graphic designer / art director / illustrator based in Madison, Wisconsin, I design both print and digital visuals for an array of clients — including quite a few non-profits as well as a collection of publishers. Recent clients include: More Smiles Wisconsin, Experience Camps, Madison Public Library Foundation, Madison Conservatory, Rebel Girls Books, a360media, Wisconsin Dental Pain Protocol, Hometown Smiles, Gakken Books, Stonesong Press, HarperCollins, and the American Playwriting Foundation. Even more clients and earlier work is visible on my previous website


Background: with a B.A. in Art History from Swarthmore College and a life-time of combining text and doodles (sign/calendar/card maker deluxe), I dove in to the official world of graphic design through design classes at San Francisco City College and working in the art department of Mondo 2000 magazine. When I moved to NYC, I was hired as art director for a couple of media companies (New Video; followed by Stim online magazine). I also began designing books — starting with boing boing's Happy Mutant Handbook — and continuing as the co-owner of a 2-woman design shop in Manhattan (pink design, inc.).


In the years since, I've been solo freelancing, including a long and lovely stint as (remote) art director for children's book publisher Downtown Bookworks. In this role, I developed and designed the look for this publisher's full line of offerings, designed sales materials and catalogs, worked closely with editors and illustrators to make unique books, and created series looks for major brand books. All these books can be seen at

Have a project you'd like to discuss? Small and large jobs welcome. Feel free to use the form below or give a call, (917) 582 3361. 

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