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2 decades experience bringing 100s of books to life

Cover design, page layout, art direction, illustration, photo editing—I bring a fresh yet experienced approach to the facets of making a book and have enjoyed collaborating with an array of editors, authors, illustrators, brands, and printers. Scroll down for a sampling (also check out the full line of books I designed for Downtown Bookworks or even more on my older website). 

How to Think Like Frank Lloyd Wright

Design of interior and cover
Photo editor

Published by Downtown Bookworks

Softcover, 160 pages

For ages 10 and up

“Nice” Jewish Girls

Design and illustration of cover and interior 

Published by Downtown Bookworks

Hardcover, 160 pages

For ages 12 and up

Makeup: Tips, Tricks & Trends

Design of interior and cover

additional photo research

Published by a360media

Magazine, 96 pages

The Earth Diet

Design of book cover and interior 

Published by Hay House Inc.

Softcover, 224 pages

Eyes Wide Open

Design of book cover and interior 

Published by Candlewick

Hardcover, 208 pages

Generation Girl books

Design and illustration for book series

Published by Downtown Bookworks

Each book: softcover, 160 pages

For ages 9 and up

Bloom: A Girl’s Guide to Growing Up Gorgeous

Design of interior 

Published by Penguin Books

Softcover, 160 pages

No! My First Book of Protest

Art direction and design

Illustrated by Molly Egan

Published by Downtown Bookworks

Board book, 22 pages

For ages 0–3

The Official Rainbow High Yearbook

Design of interior using existing brand/product Style Guides

Published by HarperCollins

Softcover, 96 pages

Ages 8 and up


Look and Learn

Design and series look for boxed sets (book plus a cool tool)

Published by Downtown Bookworks for PBS KIDS

Box: 12" wide x 7.25" tall 

Book: paperback, 64 pages

Plus: cool tool, portable laminated checklist, and activity poster

Ages 4 and up


more books

See Downtown Bookworks website . As Art Director at for this children's book publisher, I designed the full line of books.


even more books

See my previous website — with many more books I've designed over the last 20 years.

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